Bolivian Rosewood

Bolivian Rosewood

Bolivian Rosewood

Bolivian Rosewood



Figured Bubinga

Figured Walnut

Bolivian Rosewood



Flame Birch

Curly Maple

Birdseye Maple

Corian with USMC Medallion Inlay

Corian with Gold Colt Medallion Inlay

Corian with 8 Ball Inlay


White Honeycomb Inlay

Black Honeycomb Inlay

Katalox Silver Colt Medallion Inlay

Curly Maple Punisher Inlay

Purpleheart with Corian Underbase

Rosewood with Corian Underbase

1911 Pistol Grips for Sale in the USA

Beautifully Crafted and Uniquely Finished By a Former Military Officer & 1911 Competitive Shooter

Perfect Score Grips is your one-stop shop when you wish to buy the best custom 1911 grips, 1911 checkered grips, 1911 exotic wood pistol grips, Colt 1911 grips, 1911 full-size government model grips, laser engraved 1911 grips, USMC Medallion embedded 1911 grips, Colt Medallion embedded 1911 grips, or custom designed inlay 1911 grips in the USA.

My journey into making pistol grips started with 1911 grips. Over all these years, I ventured deep into my passion for making 1911 grips, which ultimately resulted in a diverse range of grips made with several unique finishes.

Right from Bolivian Rosewood and Figured Walnut to Corian and Honeycomb Inlay, you will get to choose from over 20+ designs when buying 1911 pistol grips for sale in the USA at Perfect Score Grips. All the finishes and materials used for making 1911 pistol grips are hand-selected from only top-grade pieces of exotic wood.

Find Unique and Exquisite 1911 Grips Only

At Perfect Score Grips, I do not mass produce, and hence, the inventory is limited and highly exclusive. I focus on providing you with the best custom 1911 grips. Each 1911 pistol grip for sale in the USA at PSG is one-of-a-kind and enormously adored and cherished by my customers.

My journey of 1911 pistol grip making is ongoing, which means you will find new grip designs over time. Throughout these years, I have gained expertise in finding wood with a nice figure in it and creating precision-machined and uniquely finished 1911 grips. This fact really shows in my final products as well.

The different types of pistol grips available with Perfect Score Grips are:

  • Colt 1911 Grips
  • 1911 Grips from Wood
  • Exotic 1911 Grips
  • 1911 checkered grips
  • Laser-engraved 1911 grips

Key Features of Perfect Score Grips

1. Unmatched Exclusiveness

  • 1. Each grip is unique because I do not mass-produce them.
  • 2. My pistol grips are one of the best custom 1911 grips in the USA that are very exclusive and sought-after due to my small inventory.
  • 3. Since my customers treasure each grip, it is truly a collector's item.

2. Constant Innovation:

  • 1. As I continue on my grip-making journey, new and exciting designs will be unveiled over time.
  • 2. In order to give my customers new options, I work hard to stay ahead of the curve.
  • 3. My pistol grips stand out from the competition due to my proficiency in locating wood with lovely figures.

The Best 1911 Pistol Grips in the USA - A Range Of Wood Options

I work with luxurious and decorative woods, including Rosewood, Figured Walnut, and Maple wood, to make 1911 pistol grips for sale.

In addition, to create the best 1911 pistol grips in the USA, I also work with some varieties of truly exquisite exotic woods, such as Cocobolo and Bocote, along with Birdseye Maple – one of the rarest woods.

Some pieces of 1911 grips for pistols at PSG are also made using Corian, which is a manmade material created by mixing minerals with an acrylic surface.

Let’s see how these materials help with the grip of pistols:

1. Rosewood:

  • 1. It is well-known for its rich, reddish-brown hue and exquisite grain patterns.
  • 2. Gives your gun a traditional and timeless appearance.

2. Figured Walnut:

  • 1. Gorgeous grain patterns and cozy, earthy tones are its best features.
  • 2. Enhances the sophistication of your 1911 Grips from wood.

3. Maple Wood:

  • 1. Offers a creamy, light color with undetectable grain patterns.
  • 2. Provides a modern, minimalistic aesthetic.

4. Exotic Woods:

  • 1. Cocobolo: Noted for its striking grain patterns and rich, reddish-brown color.
  • 2. Bocote: This type of wood has a distinctive grain pattern with tones of brown, black, and gold.
  • 3. Birdseye Maple: Highly sought after for its distinctive "bird's eye" grain patterns.

5. Corian:

  • 1. A substance that was made by humans by combining minerals with an acrylic surface.
  • 2. For those looking for a contemporary grip, it provides a stylish and reliable option.

Quality and Durability: The Perfect Score Grips Promise

1. Excellence in Handcraft:

  • 1. At Perfect Score Grips, each grip is made with great attention to detail.
  • 2. Every grip must meet strict standards, which I am highly proud of.

2. Machining with Precision

  • 1. To guarantee an exact fit for your exotic 1911 grips, I use modern machining techniques.
  • 2. My pistol grips offer a secure and comfortable grip and are designed to work in unison with your firearm.

3. High-Quality Materials:

  • 1. Exotic woods and robust man-made materials are among the finest that I hand-select.
  • 2. My dedication to using premium materials ensures that the grip will not only look great but also hold up over time.

4. Specially Finished:

  • 1. My pistol grips go through a special finishing process to improve their durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • 2. To ensure resistance against abrasion, moisture, and regular handling, I apply protective coatings.

Hassle-Free Ordering and Shipping

Seamless Online Shopping Experience:

  • 1. Easy browsing, customization, and safe online transactions are all made possible by Perfect Score Grips’ user-friendly website.
  • 2. It is quick and easy to order the best custom 1911 grips in the USA you want thanks to the simple navigation and clear instructions.

Fast and Reliable Shipping:

To guarantee that your grip arrives on time, I place a high priority on swift processing and shipping. For dependable delivery and to make tracking information available for your convenience, I collaborate with reliable shipping companies.

A Variety of Design Options for 1911 Pistol Grips

While some of my 1911 pistol grips for sale in the USA have smooth and checkered finishes, others are created with elegant inlay designs.

So, I believe whether you are looking for 1911 exotic wood pistol grips, 1911 checkered grips, Colt 1911 grips, custom-designed inlay 1911 grips, or laser engraved 1911 grips in the USA, Perfect Score Grips, the leading and reliable online store of pistol grips, has something that matches just right your personality and style.

Get in Touch with Perfect Score Grips

I appreciate your questions, comments, and enthusiasm for Perfect Score Grips. I am prepared to offer you the support you require, whether you have inquiries about the grips, require help with customization options, or have any other concerns. I strive to respond to all inquiries promptly and ensure your satisfaction.

Shop for the best 1911 pistol grips in the USA at PSG now!

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