We take extreme care & pride in finishing our grips.   Grips are done in a variety of finishes including flat, semi-gloss, TruOil and hand rubbed matte oil.   Before final finishing all grips are hand sanded to a 2,000 grit surface condition.  All finishes are superb in appearance.


If not satisfied with the product there is a two week return policy. If there is a problem or issue simply contact us and it will be promptly resolved.  Our policy is for you to be totally satisfied.


Wood grips are fabrication from the highest quality pre-inspected products.  Exotic woods vary in both color and appearance of the wood grain; therefore, each set of grips are one-of- a-kind. No two sets of grips are identical.

We also fabricate special inlayed grips from Glacier White Corian*. 


Grips are shipped at no cost within the continental USA.  Cost to ship to Canada is $12.   Contact for price for international shipment.

We specialized in making pistol grips for full size 1911s/clones, Sig P938, Browning Hi-Power and Beretta 92/M9.  We strive to select woods with fine figure and color so the finished grips have the performance and appearance you expect.

The woods and material we use are Bolivian Rosewood, Paduak, Figured Buginga, Figured Walnut, Cocobolo, Bocote, Flame Birch, Curly and Birdseye Maple.  A limited selectlion grips are made from Glacier White Corian*.

We also manufacture unique wooden jewelry boxes.  These boxes make ideal gifts for birthdays, mother’s day, weddings and Christmas.   If you have any interest then email us and we will  provide pictures and pricing.


Call or email with any questions, suggestions or issues to:
call 817-301-3460.

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