Bolivian Rosewood

Figured Walnut

Glacier White Corian

Premium Yet Affordable SIG 0938 Grips for Sale in the USA

Perfect Score Grips offers a limited collection of exclusive SIG P938 grips. Each piece is made with high-quality wood and precision. The unique finishes of SIG P938 grips available at PSG are cherished by our customers. Their exotic appeal is what will help you stand out when using your SIG Sauer P938 pistol.

P938 is known to be one of the most fun and accurate pistols. It is a feature-rich mini 1911 style 9mm pistol, loved by many pistol owners. Hence, it makes sense to get exquisite Sig P938 exotic wood grips for your beloved SIG pistols.

Bolivian Rosewood SIG P938 Grips

Bolivian Rosewood grips make the perfect choice for SIG P938 grips because this wood is fine textured dark-colored hardwood with a greatcolor range and vertical grain. Often called Pau Ferro or Morado, Bolivian Rosewood imparts a characteristic allure to the grips, making Bolivian Rosewood SIG P938 grips a popular option among SIG 938 pistol owners.

Figured Walnut SIG P938 Grips

Figured Walnut is another popular choice for grips for its wavy grains that create a unique pattern, giving a 3-dimensional look. If you have a heart for grips with a smooth finish and exotic pattern, get Figured Walnut SIG P938 grips for your pistols. Their eternal elegance makes these grips evergreen and classic, which never go out of style.

Glacier White Corian SIG P938 Grips

If you are someone with alove for the classic beauty of white, then Glacier White Corian SIG P938 grips make a go-tochoice for you. The crisp white color of Glacier White Corian looks as pure as freshly fallen snow because it is a warm white hue without the yellow undertones that most off-whites tend to possess.

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